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“Soar Into the Bright Future” Fukuyama, 2024

颯翔  はやと,福山市

    Soar Into the Bright Future

    Stainless Steel
    Black Granite Stone
    4.14 x 2.2 x 1.7 m
    Castem Co., Ltd.
    Fukuyama, Miyuki-Cho, Japan

    颯翔  はやと 

    4.14 x 2.2 x 1.7 m
    御幸町, 日本

    Masaaki Noda and Castem KK CEO Takuo Toda



    Unveiling – February 29, 2024.。

    福山ー府中間の御幸町、国道に隣接しているので、2000年に設置した新市町交差点の「飛翔ーII 時空を超えて」から24年の歳月を経た、その進化の状況を目にすることができます.

    The unveiling ceremony for the 4.15m Hayato was held on February 29th at Castem KK in Miyukicho, Fukuyama City. At the request of Takuo Toda, president of Castem KK, the holder of the Guinness World Record for Paper Airplanes, the two hit it off from the beginning as they both have a theme of flight, and this monument can be said to be the accumulation of past know-how. Completed at level. Miyuki-cho, between Fukuyama and Fufu, is adjacent to the national highway, so you can see how the new Ichi-cho intersection has evolved over the 24 years since 2000, when “Hissou II: Beyond Time and Space” was built. 


    Although the environment around the sculpture has been considerably improved, there are institutional limits to the maintenance of telephone poles and wires placed along national highways, and these are an issue for the future of Japan’s environment and landscape.
    We have spent a lot of time preparing this environment for the monument, but we will have to wait for the next generation to see any actual changes.
    Castem Co., Ltd.
    Miyuki Town, Fukuyama City

    27年間 公共モニュメントのタイトルは、全て私が付けてきましたが、この度は戸田拓夫社長自身がつけたいということで、初めてお任せしました。題字「颯翔」も毛筆で書かれ、レリーフカットしたものを取り付けています。

    MASSAKI NODA: For 27 years, I have given all the titles for public monuments, but this time, President Takuo Toda himself wanted to give them titles, so for the first time I left it to him. The title “Hasho” is also written in calligraphy, and a relief cut is attached. Painting is done by one person, but large-scale sculptural monuments require collaboration with many experts, and are similar to architectural work. During the production process, various problems arise that are beyond the artist’s ability. If you don’t stick to your initial ideas, you’ll discover things through discussions during the production process, learn things over and over again, and make repeated reforms. The incorporation of unpredicted elements without predetermined harmony is indispensable for the evolution of a work, and it can be said that this is the real pleasure of collaboration. Castem Co., Ltd. Miyuki Town, Fukuyama City, Hiroshima Prefecture.


    We commissioned contemporary artist Masaaki Noda to create this monument. Mr. Noda is a contemporary artist from Shinichicho, Fukuyama City who has been based in New York since 1977 and is active throughout the world, including Asia and Europe. This work, which is a fusion of Mr. Noda’s unique style that changes shape depending on the viewing position, and Castem’s philosophy, symbolizes Castem’s desire to be a company with dreams that fly big. We hope that it will become a symbol of the new Castem and a source of communication from Fukuyama to the world.

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