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“Evolution and Innovation” 2022


    MNS-36 Evolution and Innovation 「進化と革新」Nariwa
    “Evolution and Innovation”
    Nariwa Museum
    Takahashi City, Okayama
    “Evolution and Innovation” Every time I go to the Nariwa Art Museum, the scenery surrounding the sculpture changes depending on the weather. Many visitors have said, “This sculpture seems as if it has been here for a long time, and I wish that had been.” The egret came yesterday too.


    “Evolution and Innovation” 「進化と革新」
    Stainless Steel, Stainless Steel, 6m
    Noda Metal Industry Co., Ltd.
    Higashi Osaka City, Osaka, Japan
    50th Anniversary of Noda Metal Industry Co., Ltd.”
    ステンレス・スチール, ステンレス・スチール, 野田金属工業株式会
    東大阪市, 大阪府, 日本
    野田金属工業株式会社創立 50 周年記念

    Design and Fabrication of Evolution and Innovation