“Gale Flash Back” Hiroshima, Japan 2011

「疾風ーフラッシュバック」 広島市

Gale Flash Back
Stainless Steel, White Granite Base
3.85 meters
Hiroshima City Museum of Contemporary Art
Hiroshima, Japan

疾風 フラッシュバック
ステンレス・スチール, 白花崗岩, 3.85 m
広島市, 広島県, 日本

Like Brancusi’s birds, Noda’s vital sculptures, which have an uncanny creatureliness, are inherently abstract, suggesting that reality can be analyzed into an idea that is independent of it—the idea of movement, for example—which, nonetheless, seems to distill its essence.

Donald Kuspit, Professor of Art History, Stony Brook State University,”The Airborne Gesture: Masaaki Noda’s Sublime.” p.76.