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“The Future Is Now” Fukuyama, Japan 2012

「いまこそ未来」 福山市

    The Future Is Now
    Stainless Steel, White and Dark Gray Granite Base
    7.15 meters
    Fukuyama Station Square
    Fukuyama, Hiroshima, Japan
    95th Anniversary of Fukuyama City

    ステンレス・スチール, 白、灰、濃灰花崗岩, 7.15 m
    福山市, 広島県, 日本

    This year we happily complete the renovation of its gateway, the Fukuyama Station plaza, to mark the 95th anniversary of its birth as a city.
    Mr. Noda is known not just in Japan; he has also established his reputation throughout the world, particularly in Greece and China. We are delighted that his work “The Future Is Now” will help illuminate Rose Town Fukuyama, the city that is flying toward the future, as well as its strength as a city that speaks to the world.

    Akira Hada, Mayor of Fukuyama, “Masaaki Noda, The Future is Now—95th Anniversary of Fukuyama City.” Pamphlet, 2012, p. 3.


    Bingo Video The Future is Now, August, 2012. Video Tour of Sculpture.


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