Fabrication of New Sculpture for September 2021

“Pegasus of Hope”


Fabrication of New Sculpture for 2021

Making New Monument for Installation Outside of Japan.

The design and fabrication of the stainless steel sculptures involves multiple steps and close collaboration between Mr. Noda and the craftsmen engineers, cutters, welders, and polishers at Noda Metal Working Industry, Co. in Osaka (no family Relation to Noda}. The fabrication starts with Noda’s initial design paper model. The paper model is then transferred to a small steel (not stainless) model by the craftsmen collaborating with Noda and helps determine the feasibility of the design. Careful measurements are then made of the small steel model, and then the measurements used to cut the stainless steel plates which are then bent to form the final sculptures. The stainless steel is of the highest quality, to allow corrosion resistance. The plates are meticulously welded together to perform strong bonds that will also resist corrosion. At this point, the sculpture is carefully balanced and attention is directed to adding steel to increase the structural strength. In this process, the center of gravity of the sculpture may be adjusted, important to prevent long term distortion and pressure on the pedestal and sub-surface beneath the pedestal. Finally, the sculpture and the welds are carefully ground and polished – an important step to reduce corrosion and to allow the sculpture to remain clean. Attention must also be paid to the pedestal for mounting of the sculpture – the pedestal must be strong and balanced. Beneath the pedestal, attention must also be made to the surface and a robust mounting pad. must During shipping to the installation site, the sculpture is covered with protective film.

Before Welding for Assemble. Osaka June, 2021.

Welding begins from a model to the actual size through a precise bending process. The whole is connected by one plate, so if the bending and connection are slightly off, the whole balance will be lost. In addition, since it is not possible to stand on its own by assembling only the plate surface, reinforcement that matches the shape of the sculpture is the key. 

Before Assembly and Welding

June, 2021
Making New Sculpture.
Before Welding and Assembly.

Detail of Stainless Steel Welding.


Detail of Stainless Steel Welding.
Detail of Stainless Steel for Welding. Adjust the bending while applying pressure at intervals of several millimeters. It’s a very difficult task with right and left, inversion, and twisting. This work cannot be calculated, so it can be done by accumulating sensitivity and sensory training. Since it is a single item, there is no same work.


After Welding

After Welding
Polishing after welding is performed in several steps, up to a mirror surface level, and eventually integrates with the entire surface so that the connection part is not visible. The mirror-finished surface, which stands out even with small scratches, requires meticulous and advanced technology.