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From-Beyond 「彼方より」 Silk Screen 1986

    “From Beyond”
    Silk Screen
    SS-1986- ****

    Artist Notes:

    “From Beyond”
    During the process of drawing, when I faced the silk screen again, it was different from before. Deployment was waiting.
    The dynamism and dynamism of the drawing do not go as it is, but the elegant colors and transparency of silk make us open up new possibilities.
    Even though I was afraid of the long-term, multicolored, volatile fumes of editions, those who were interested in making it took precedence, and I became more absorbed in making prints. .
    ドローイング の、ダイナミズム、動勢はそのままとは行きませんが、シルクならではのエレガントな色彩と、透明感は、また新たな可能性を見せてくれるようになり。